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Drone Light Festival at Exploration Place

The Drone Light Festival at Exploration Place will take flight on September 20 – 22, 2024. They had their first drone festival last year, and it was a huge hit. We attended and can’t wait to go again this year. For the price, you got to see the show, enjoy the museum, listen to live music and have a whole kids’ area. 

The festival will provide breathtaking views of 300 synchronized drones, fully choreographed with music. They are planning some exciting enhancements to the experience this year. The doors open at 6 pm and the Drone show begins at 9 pm.

Drone Light Festival Graphic

What to Expect at the Drone Light Festival:

  • This Festival is on 3 separate days. 
    • Thursday, September 20, 2024
    • Friday, September 2, 2024
    • Saturday, September 22, 2024 
  • The Drone Show will be directly above the Keeper of the Plains
    • In 2022, they had 200 drones; in 2023, there were 300. The doors open at 6 pm, and the Drone show begins at 9 pm.
    • New custom drone formations for the show in 2024.
    • They have many other unique activities at this festival, so plan on spending the evening at Exploration Place this September.

Last year, at the Festival, they had:

  • Floating Water Lanterns.
    • Each guest will receive a floating water lantern to decorate and set adrift on the museum’s reflection pond, creating a stunning display of light and reflection.
    • Projections on the Exploration Place Buildings
    • A Candlelight Concert
    • Experience an atmospheric and captivating live event where talented local musicians perform with the soft light of more than 2,000 candles.
  • Food Trucks
  • Activity Booths

Ticket for the Drone Show at Exploration Place:

All ticket levels include admission to the museum’s exhibits, drone shows, live science show, and activities. Great Deal!

We think the Carload passes are a great deal because they include access for up to 9 people. That is roughly $6.70 per person. 

  • $60 for a carload (max 9)
  • $50 for a carload if you are a member (max 9)
  • $15 for individual ticket
  • $12 for individual tickets if you are a member

What you get with your ticket price of $60 for up to a carload of 9 people: 

  • Your ticket includes admission to the museum exhibits
    • Museum exhibits typically cost $12 for adults
  • Your ticket includes a live Science show
    • Live Science Shows typically cost $5 for adults
  • Catch a show in the Dome Theater
    • At the Drone Light Festival, they will be playing “The Dark Side of the Moon,” which is typically an $18 ticket and $15 for members.
  • With your ticket, you can color on a floating lantern and launch it yourself.
  • You get to enjoy a candlelight concert along the pond
  • All of the activity stations inside are FREE with your ticket price.
    • One of the stations is a Bubble Zone. How fun!
  • Your ticket includes a fire show by Flow Foundry, which will accompany the firepots at the Keeper of the Plains before the Drone show. 

If you paid for each of these experiences individually, it would cost: 

  • 9 adults X $12 for the Museum Exhibit = $108
  • 9 adults X $5 for the live Science Show = $45
  • 9 adults X $18 for a show in the Dome = $162
  • Total on the very high end would cost you $315, but you can get ALL of this plus the Drone show, concert, floating water lanterns, some activities, and fire show for ONLY $60 for a carload up to 9 people.

What is NOT included in your ticket price:

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Drone Light Festival

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