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Anyone who loves a bargain already knows about Wichita’s brick-and-mortar discount stores and outlets. These retailers sell the same products that you might find at a mall or big name department store but at greatly reduced prices. I shop at them all the time; probably most Wichita on the Cheap readers do.

What you might not know is that a company in Wichita specializes in selling wholesale to some of those retail stores. In fact, purchase over $50 million worth of overstock inventory every year directly from manufacturers. And they have a deal site where you can get access to those bargains.

DooDahDeals logo - national deals site based here in Wichita

DooDahDeals.com is the consumer-facing side of this national wholesale company. We get the chance to buy name-brand products at greatly reduced prices. DooDahDeals focuses on high-quality closeouts and overstock products with prices that are up to 50% to 60% lower than retail.

This national deals site is based right here in Wichita!

The inventory is always changing. The products you see on the site right now will eventually be replaced with other items. I scrolled back through the DooDahDeals’ social media feeds and saw lots of items I missed because I didn’t know about them.

The best way to keep up with the deals is to subscribe to the DooDahDeals.com emails

If you look at the site right now, you’ll see things like Shark vacuum cleaners, Calphalon cookware sets, air fryers, electric pressure washer, and more.

A screenshot of the DooDahDeals website on August 13, 2020

When I first checked out the site, I discovered it had a particular model of Shark vacuum I have been looking at (the Duo Clean Powered Lift Away). This one is refurbished by a factory-authorized refurbisher and priced way less than the best prices I was seeing – almost half price!  You can’t normally get that kind of discount, even on refurbished models. 

Discount on a Shark vacuum cleaner!
Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Corded Vacuum Cleaner, ZU881, Factory Refurbished, currently being sold for $159.99 at DooDahDeals.com

I mean, that is crazy cheap for this vacuum cleaner. When I mentioned it to them, they offered to send me one and I received it in two days.

(DooDahDeals.com has free shipping. I guess since they’re based in Wichita the shipping is just really fast to a local address.)

I really like this Shark vacuum. Now I’m looking at some of the other things on the site and wondering why I didn’t know about it before!

For example, right now they have two different brands of air fryers – both insanely cheap. 

There’s also a set of Calphalon cookware that is less than $150. I found what looks like this exact same set (same materials, same size pots and lids, etc.) at Bed Bath and Beyond priced at $319.99 right now.

10-piece set of tri ply Calphalon cookware at a big discount

There are 14 different models of Shark vacuum cleaners starting at just $49.99

They have four styles of Revo sunglasses for $49.99. From what I can tell, those are usually $100 more than that on Amazon. For that deal, you need to use the promo code 10OFFREVO when you’re checking out at DooDahDeals.

All the products DooDahDeals receives either from the company or from an authorized refurbisher. You get free shipping on everything. The company has a 30 day return policy, although if you just change your mind – in other words, if the product wasn’t defective – you do have to pay return shipping. But there are no restocking fees. 

The best way to stay on top of the deals they are offering is simply to sign up for the Deal Newsletter – I found the signup form right under the free shipping banner (near the top of the page). If you’re on a desktop computer, you might also get the popup asking you to subscribe. Do it and you’ll find out about their latest additions! 

*For anyone who doesn’t know, “Doo Dah” is a nickname for Wichita. Why? No one I’ve ever asked has known the answer to that one, ha ha! It just is.

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