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The Arcade Downtown Wichita: Fun for Everyone

The arcade downtown Wichita

The Arcade in Wichita has a new location in Downtown Wichita. The Arcade is filled with games from 1980 and 1990. It opened in 2017, but the new site has four times the indoor space as the original location. They opened the door of the new place in May 2023. Find out below what day […]

The Arcade Private Party Discount for a Limited Time

The Arcade in Wichita will have retro arcade games and a family-friendly atmosphere

[sc name=”double-check-reminder” ] Are you missing the good ol’ days of retro classic arcades? When Aqua Net and big hair were all the rage?  Never fear! Wichita has just the place for you, The Arcade! For a limited amount of time you can get a special deal on their private party package! Get the entire […]

Places to Play Pinball in Wichita

  Sometimes I just want to get out and try something new.  I get stuck in a rut.  I think I may have found that “something new” to do that’s both fun and entertaining but not too exhausting.  Pinball!  I know what you’re thinking: pinball?  The game we played at the arcades and movie theaters […]