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Wichita on the Cheap finds real discounts from reputable companies and attractions, when possible, posts affiliate links to the deals. If you use my links, you get great discounts while supporting this site. Wichita on the Cheap is a woman owned and operated website in Wichita, Kansas. The website helps our community Live the Good Life for Less. In order to fund my little operation and be compensated for my time, I do accept advertising and use affiliate links. Advertising you understand. You may see banner advertisements on the site, or posts that are clearly labeled as advertisements; these have been paid for by a merchant that values having an audience of Wichita on the Cheap readers and wants to promote something, like a product, event, or service, to you. Affiliate links may need more explaining. Sometimes retailers will pay a commission for sales, sign-ups, coupon prints made through my site. They don’t charge you more for this – it is simply a referral commission and they can attribute the referral to my website via special links in the article. These are called affiliate links, and if you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet you’ve seen them – they’re very common. I always appreciate when you use my links to click through to a deal. You don’t have to use my affiliate links to reach a deal – you could do a web search for the deal instead, but you’d most likely just end up clicking through someone else’s affiliate link. (They’re that common.) Not every article on my site contains an affiliate link. In fact, most of them probably don’t. If an article has an affiliate link, you’ll see some kind of disclosure, like the one that brought you to this page. I should also point out that I am inundated with affiliate offers, and I actually don’t post most of them. If it doesn’t seem like a good deal, it’s not going on my blog. Now that you understand affiliate links and advertising, you can support your favorite bloggers. If you have a favorite blog that clearly discloses affiliate links, consider using them. Another great way to help a blogger is by telling your friends about the blog. And when you take advantage of a deal you’ve seen on a blog or a website, please tell the merchant where you heard about it. It does make a difference. Thank you!