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Two local companies support international fundraising campaign for charity

Everest in the Alps - supported by two Wichita companies
Everest in the Alps is led by the UK-based The Brain Tumour Chairty. A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure is the U.S. Partner.

Two local, Wichita-based companies, Atomic Billboards and Fliphound, both advertising partners, are supporting a fundraising campaign for A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure Foundation.

The foundation seeks to advance research for pediatric brain tumors, the most common cancer in children 0-14 in the United States. Jeff Robertson, one of Fliphound’s employees, has a personal reason for getting involved. His daughter is a survivor of a childhood cancer. Although she is well now, he says it was a long uphill battle.

“Even the children who survive have long-lasting health effects from the chemotherapy or radiation,” Jeff said. “It can potentially affect their development and health for years.”

Jeff decided to help move progress in treatment and quality of survival forward by participating in a fundraising challenge called Everest in the Alps.

In 2015, 16 individuals accepted the first Everest in the Alps challenge and raised $4.5 million for the cause. Those funds helped establish The Everest Centre for Research, the leading researcher in this type of pediatric cancer and the first to focus exclusively on a cure for the slower growing (low grade) tumors.

Jeff’s goal is to raise $50,000 to help support A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure and the Everest Centre. Participants in the challenge climb uphill, on skis, the height of Everest – 8,848 meters.

“This will no doubt be a life changing experience. However, it will be nothing compared to the strength, humor and courage of children living with a brain tumor who climb their own Everest every day. I personally witnessed my daughter Emma climb her own mountain, when she diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at four years old. I count my blessing everyday, because she is now a thriving seventeen-year-old.

When I was offered the to take part in this challenge, I jumped at the opportunity to actively do something to help children suffering from this disease.

The funds raised by taking part in this challenge will support The Everest Centre for Research into Paediatric Low Grade Brain Tumours – a new, ground-breaking centre that seeks to improve survival and quality of survival for those living with a low grade (slow growing) tumor.

Over 26,800 children and young people around the world have been diagnosed with a low grade brain tumor. Yet research is woefully underfunded and treatments are not progressing like they are in other conditions.

Please help support A Kid’s Brain Tumor Cure by donating today. Thank you. “

For more information or to donate:

Everest in the Alps

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