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$1.50 Movies on Tuesdays

Palace Theater Wichita - $1 admission on Timewarp Tuesdays

Oh, man! I’ll miss this place.

The Palace West at Kellogg and Ridge has been closed. It used to have $1.50 movies on Tuesdays. It was a fun theater, and you couldn’t beat the price unless you rented a Redbox movie and watched it at home. It was a great way to catch recent movies on the big screen after they’ve left the expensive theaters.

The good news is that Wichita has recently gained a few more options for seeing movies on the cheap, including discounts at Regal Cinemas and the great matinee pricing at AMC Theater in Wichita.  We also have the awesome Starlite Drive-In, and we should support it as much as possible!


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One thing that’s important to note is that The Palace has a cash-only box office. You won’t be able to use your credit or debit card to buy your movie ticket. (There is, I believe, an ATM on site, but you might have to pay fees for that (which could end up being more than the $1.50 movie ticket itself!) Check under the couch cushions or the car seats before you leave home so you can pay cash for your ticket. 🙂

Palace West movie showtimes 

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