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Taco Bell: 25% discount on online orders

Years ago, when Twitter was new and I was on it all day every day, I skimmed past a Tweet that I misread. I thought someone said they downloaded a burrito. 🙂 I don’t remember now what she actually wrote, but the idea of downloading a burrito has stuck with me. Someday! When that is invented, everyone else should just quit inventing things, because that will be the pinnacle.

But for right now, the closest thing we have to downloading a burrito is ordering Taco Bell online. And now through Feb. 29, you’ll get a 25% discount at Taco Bell when you order online or order with the Taco Bell mobile app. To begin your order and take advantage of the discount, click here. Sign in to your TA.CO account. If you don’t have an account, you can register here. Once you’ve signed in, click “Offers” and add the 25% offer to your cart.

Then you have to drive to go pick up your food like the cavemen that we still are. 🙂

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