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FREE: Visiting Artist Talk at the Ulrich Museum

On Wednesday, February 24, the Ulrich Museum will host Beauvais Lyons for the FREE ShockPress Visiting Artist Talk.

Lyons is the curator of the Hokes Archives – a collection of zany “artifacts” of his own invention – and Chancellors’ Professor at the University of Tennessee. In his presentation, “Mark Documentation,” at the ShockPress Visiting Artist Talk, he’ll explain his collection of lithographs currently on exhibition at WSU and speak about contemporary artists who have mocked the authority of the academy, the museum, science, history, and commerce through painting, print, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and design.

Beauvais Lyons’ work over the past thirty years has explored various forms of academic parody.  His art can be seen in numerous public collections around the country, including Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, The Whitney Museum of Art, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 2002, he received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach at the Fine Arts Academy in Pozan, Poland.

Date: 02/24/2016
Time: 03:30 pm
Location: Ulrich Museum of Art
Cost: Free
For more information: http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=ulrichmuseum&p=/index

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