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$10 gift card when you consign at Kids Closet Connection sale

Have you caught the “tidying up” bug? I have! It feels great to get rid of things we no longer need so we’re able to really take care of what we have. And what can you do with that big heap of things you’re getting rid of? You can turn the kids’ outgrown or unloved things into spending money this spring at the Kids Closet Connection consignment sale in Wichita.

Just sign up as a consignor to get those gently-used children’s items in the hands of someone who will appreciate them, and spark a little joy in your pocketbook at the same time.

sell at consignment sale Kids Closet Connection Wichita

It’s a million times easier than a garage sale, and as a consignor you get to shop early at the sale.

Plus, this year you’ll get a nice bonus for selling:

BONUS: Wichita on the Cheap consignors receive
a $10 gift card to use at the sale
Just enter the promo code WOTC2020 when you
sign up to consign.
Use promo code WOTC to pay no consignor fee

Remember, you must use the promo code to get the $10 gift card!

Benefits of selling on consignment

Kids Closet Connection consignment sale in Wichita

  1. You sell the things you no longer need, clean out your closets to make room for the new stuff, AND you get to shop early at the sale, choosing from thousands of wonderful kids’ items like clothes, toys, baby equipment, strollers, playpens, and more.
  2. Your kids’ items will bless other families who need to shop wisely and provide for their kids on a budget.
  3. The Kids Closet Connection consignment sale is one of the biggest in town and it attracts sooo many shoppers. Your items definitely have the best chance of getting seen and purchased when you have hundreds of people looking at your stuff. (Try getting that kind of traffic to a garage sale!)
  4. You don’t have to organize meetups with people you don’t know, who sometimes don’t show up anyway. That’s frustrating.
  5. If you don’t want to give up your whole weekend, you don’t have to. Arrange your drop-off time and that’s that (besides picking up your check)!

Remember, you must use the promo code WOTC2020 to get the $10 gift card!

Benefits of volunteering at the children’s consignment sale

In addition to selling your kids’ clothes, toys, and gear for cash, you can also make more money at the sale by volunteering. If you volunteer to work a shift, you get 70% of your proceeds and you get to shop the Helper Presale on Tuesday; if you do two shifts, you get 75% of your proceeds and you get to shop during the Premiere Helper Presale on Tuesday. More shifts = more gift cards. This is in addition to the $10 g.c. for signing up as a consignor using the promo code WOTC2020, so you’ll make extra money and you’ll have extra money to spend on the kids this year.

Find out more about volunteering at the Kids Closet Connection sale here.

How to sell at the children’s consignment sale

If you’ve never earned money on your kids’ stuff before, or if you’ve only done garage sales or sold items online, you might be surprised at how simple it is to sell at a consignment sale. You’ll earn more money, do less work, and enjoy the perks of selling at a huge sale in a clean, organized, and safe environment.

Are you new to consigning? Here’s a helpful video that shows you how to get stuff ready for the sale.

Here’s the beauty part: you don’t even have to be there unless you want to volunteer at the sale for some extra perks! That means you simply choose a drop-off time, prepare the items for sale, and pick up (or donate) any unsold items and your check at the end of the weekend. That frees up your weekend.

Here are the steps to becoming a consignor for the Kids Closet Connection children’s consignment sale:

  1. Register as a seller and select a time to drop off your kids’ stuff. (Use the promo code WOTC2020 and you’ll get that $10 gift card!)
  2. Add items to their website, then price and tag things at home.
  3. Drop off your items at the schedule time.
  4. Pick up your check and any unsold items after the sale.

The sale will be held at the Wichita Hoops facility near 53rd and Webb in Bel Aire, KS. Kids Closet Connection sales are super-organized and you get great service, as well as nice people to work with. In past years when I’ve stopped by, I met several Wichita on the Cheap readers who were volunteering. Volunteers get extra perks, like gift cards to use at the sale, pre-sale passes and first dibs at the 1/2 price items, too.

Kids Closet Connection Spring Consignment Sale in Wichita

February 19-22, 2020
Wichita Hoops
5260 N. Toler
Bel Aire, Kansas 67206

Click here to sign up now.

Remember to enter promo code WOTC2020 to get the $10 gift card.

Use promo code WOTC to pay no consignor fee


See the full sale schedule and get more information on how to prepare, price, and tag your items at www.KidsCloset.biz/Wichita.

About the owners

Kids Closet Connection-Wichita owners Jill and Bo Brown ran their first sale in Wichita several years ago and were so successful they almost immediately outgrew their original location in a hotel ballroom. The new location is huge and much better able to accommodate all the great kids clothes and toys that consignors bring to the sale.

Visit the Kid’s Closet Connection website and get to know them better by following the sale on Facebook.


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