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‘Tis the season for giving gifts, so Wichita on the Cheap will has two great gifts to give away in a drawing.

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Delicious Honey Baked Holiday Ham available in Dillons stores One six-pound HoneyBaked ham that serves 8 – 12 people (valued at $58.95), delivered to your door. A Honey Baked Ham is lean, fully-cooked, hand finished, and known for its sweet, crunchy glaze. If you can’t wait to see if you’ve won this beautiful ham, go visit one of the Ham pop-up stores inside select Wichita Dillons stores. And be sure to grab a coupon first!

Winner’s name will be drawn on December 13, 2012! Hurry and enter now so you can be eligible for this prize. Only one entry is necessary (or accepted) per person. One entry puts you in the drawing for either of these two great prizes.

Congratulations, Tammy C!


Sesame Street Live Can't Stop Singing in Wichita at INTRUST Bank Arena Family 4-pack of ticket vouchers to Sesame Street Live at INTRUST Bank Arena, Feb. 1-3, 2013. The vouchers can be redeemed for 4 tickets to any available performance, and your tickets entitle you to FREE admission to the new Play Zone that opens one hour before the show.

Winner’s name for the Sesame Street Live Family 4-pack will be drawn on December 16, 2012. Only one entry is necessary (or accepted) per person. One entry puts you in the drawing for either of these two great prizes.

Congratulations, Mike S!

So what makes the holidays truly special for you? Email subscribers, start commenting now to enter!

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  1. sandra tatum says

    The holidays are truly a time to just enjoy your loved ones, especially seeing my 2 little boys faces on christmas morning!

  2. Leila S. says

    The holidays are special for me because I am creating memories with my daughter, introducing her to the excitement and the traditions of Christmas. She is 18 months old and is starting to see the magic of Christmas and truly enjoy it. It’s fun to see it all through a child’s eyes again. She is my biggest blessing, along with all of my family!

  3. Jennifer Marsh says

    Being able to spend the day with my boys being a single mom makes it very hard to do so since I have to work a lot to keep things going it’s the one day a year I can relax an enjoy my family with no worries of my job. I have a son that just turned 2 an a son that is turning 10 on the 16th of this month either prize would be wonderful to have =)

  4. Tammy C says

    The holidays are special to me because my kids are older, 19 and 17 and will be out of the house soon and I cherish and treasure every second I have with them. Also my 19 year old is National Guard and at any time he can be deployed and that makes all the time I have with him even more special

  5. Nicole Hawkins says

    What makes the holidays special is spending Christmas morning with my kids and husband, watching them open their presents and then enjoying making breakfast together

  6. Alisha H says

    What I love most about the holiday season is the intentionality. People are more intention about spending time with people they love, how they spend their money, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and passing on traditions. I don’t know of any other time during the year people do that.

  7. Latisha says

    Although the holidays are rushed, it is actually a time to relax and realize all that you truly have and are blessed to have and not necessarily materialistically. I am truly blessed to have 4 healthy children that are my life.

  8. Cat Hass says

    The Holiday Season brings my close family even closer. My late Husband’s Birthday was on Christmas and I am a New Year’s Eve baby. This Christmas we celebrate the lives of our loved ones who’ve passed. We celebrate our lives and how truly blessed we are with an abundance of love, laughter and gratitude. This time, every year, we look back at how wonderful life is. My Grandparents made sure we had a “Norman Rockwell” gathering every Thanksgiving and Christmas at their farm. Times have changed and we’ve all moved around and settled into our own families now, but the real meaning is never lost. Family, Love and Life. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  9. Kristin Acker says

    Our little family of 7 moved to Wichita from Denver 10 years ago to run our Chem-Dry carpet cleaning business. The holidays are so important to us because we get to go back and be with family and play in the snow on BIG hills 😉 and also important as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!

  10. Doug Mann says

    The best thing about the holidays is getting the family back together and celebrating the real reason we have Christmas!

  11. Debbie Up says

    My mother-in-law passed away last year around Christmas, so this year will be especially full of her memory & love. It will be hard, but my husband’s family will all be together, and continue the healing process.

  12. Sandra McVey says

    Having my children and grandchildren home for the holiday is what makes Christmas so special for me.

  13. says

    I have always tried to make Christmas about giving and not always receiving. There are so many things to be blessed for at Christmas. This is the time I reflect back on the year and what took place that year. I promise if you think about things that have happened to yourself or others, you will feel that feeling rush over you and just how truly blessed we are to still be around during the holiday season. This year I am blessed to be alive, blessed to have my three beautiful children, and blessed to have all of the friends and family in my life. Without all of them I would not be the person that I am today. My hope for all of you is that you feel just as blessed as I do this holiday season.

  14. Rachael Werth says

    The ability to celebrate Christ’s birth with my family and husband’s family. Good family time is the best!

  15. Jana R says

    What makes the Holidays special is spending time with my family. We often play games, watch a movie or just sit and talk. Its also a time to reflect on the reason for the season, and that is the birth of Jesus Christ.

  16. amanda says

    I love spreading the Christmas sprit with my four girls and showing them that the holdiays are about family and helping others. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and Happy New Years =)

  17. Michelle Arnold says

    This time of year with the holidays is the most special time for me & my famil;y as it is when we share the most. Not just the gifts we exchange but all of the memories of Chritmases past.
    We reminise about all the great & not so great times we’ve had from silly things that have happened to the year someone made THE worst gravy & how everyone told that person it was good just to be nice! Sharing memories of loved ones lost & new loved ones that have joined and those that will soon be joining us.

  18. Jill says

    The best thing about Christmas is taking the time to focus on what is really important in life: family, faith, helping and serving others. The whole thing has a magic that makes it special.

  19. Jen says

    I love being able to see family that I have not seen in months and catch up with everyone. I enjoy finding and giving the perfect gift for friends and family.

  20. Mary Beth says

    The holidays are speical because we get to focus on others. We give gifts, make food, and travel to gather together. This year is expecially specialy because our first child will be opening presents and I can’t even imagine the joy we receive from watching her joy.

  21. Joyce says

    Ever since my husband passed away 3 years ago, I try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive by telling my grandchildren how much he enjoyed the holidays and giving them each a special gift each year. He was a child at heart and loved the holiday season and I want to keep the spirit alive with his memory.

  22. alan says

    I love the spiritual aspect of Christmas and am fighting hard not to let myself get caught up in the tremendous materialistic aspect of the season.

  23. Ginny says

    What makes the holidays special to me is the way people come together to help those less fortunate. Around every corner, I see people doing things for other people to make their holidays special as well. I enjoy spending the time with my family and creating memories with my children as we teach them what Christmas is really about.

  24. Erin says

    I love this time of year to be with my family, and especially now as I have 3 small boys to share it with! I live looking at lights and drinking hot chocolate!

  25. Peggy Boone says

    All the love and happiness during the holidays is so special. I love watching the grandkids and being with all the family. I love giving and watching everyone give at a time when families need it so much. I will always be a kid at heart this time of year.

  26. Gretchen says

    The holidays are when we can all come together as a family, even those who are away from us during the rest of the year.

  27. Kathy says

    The most meaningful thing about Christmas is remembering the gift of God’ Son given to us. He truly is the most awesome gift ever. It also is a time to especially focus on others including buying/making that special gift for loved family members. We keep our gifts simple so we can focus on Christ and helping others outside our family.

  28. Linda says

    I love the clique of Christmas – family friends and time together. Children, children are the very soul of Christmas – their eyes and heart full of wonder at the lights, the magic, and the love that envelopes the world. Christmas brings that little bit of child out in all of us. Without that bit of inner child that exists Christmas would be lack luster.

  29. Corrie C says

    I love going to Christmas Eve service at our church. It gives us a chance to remember why we are celebrating before all of the craziness of Christmas morning. And there is just something extra special about the candlelight service and singing Christmas songs with our church family.

  30. Filena says

    I grew up in a house hold that didn’t celebrate Christmas the traditional way. There was no Santa, there was no tree, or wreatt or any decorations of that sort. Mannheim Steamroller was played and there were the Christmas stories from the Bible. Now I understand why my father did what he did, but I want Christmas.
    to be an Especially magical time for my girls. So we have a tree and we have simple lights on the house and my daughter at the moment is making paper chains…. I am building Christmas traditions with them and I hope I’m doing it right

  31. Christina says

    My 17 month old’s total awe at the lights, seeing family from out of town, hugs, kisses and learning the true meaning of Christmas through reading to her Christmas books.

  32. Kellie says

    The holidays are a special time to spend time creating memories with family and friends. Christmas is a sacred time set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

  33. Mindelei Wuori says

    The holidays are a great time to make memories with family and friends. There’s nothing like coming together over a hearty holiday meal to remember all the good things in life.

  34. Kristi Jackson says

    Seeing the smiles on my children’s faces is what makes the holidays truly special for me. It’s not about the presents, but the family time we spend together. If it’s our yearly dessert contest or monopoly game that always goes awry, we laugh til we cry! The holidays are also made special by being able to help others; we donate as much as we can to brighten the season of those less fortunate.

  35. Natalie says

    the holidays are special to me, especially this year because I have a new little boy to enjoy them with and he is about to get twin cousins which is even more special because they all live in India (mom, dad, big sister to the twins) and this is their first Christmas in the states with my 4year old niece. can.not.wait!

  36. Liza D says

    For the first time in years, my kids will get to celebrate the Christmas traditions of my side of the family. My grandma and aunt and uncle are coming down to spend the holidays with us. I have something planned for every day (light display visits, Botanica Gardens, cookie baking, tea party). I can’t wait! As my hubby says, my side of the family really likes to “draw it out” for as long as possible. You bet!

  37. Chelsea says

    Spending time with my family and showing one another we care is what truly makes the holiday special to me. I also love all of the beautiful lights, decor, and wrapped presents. It all makes it feel like Christmas.

  38. Brittany says

    The holidays are truly special because you realize what is important to you whether it be food, family or the work you do. You become thankful (or conversely resentful) of the people around you because they have the same (or conversely dissimilar) values. The holidays give you a chance to begin anew with knowledge of which direction to take your life, sometime you are already on the right track (and conversely you could be digging yourself an early grave). The choice is yours to make.

  39. Darlene U. says

    What makes the Holidays special for me is the memories of smelling moms pumpkin pie baking in the oven and dads roasted turkey roasting in the pan. How we all gathered around the table and shared a special time. My dad is no longer with us so these memories mean alot to me. I want to give these same memories of family to my kids and grandkids.

  40. Mommy says

    Christmas is a time to relax, enjoy family and reflect on God’s great gift of His Son so that all may have eternal life in Heaven.

  41. Judi says

    My Favorite time of year is here, playing violin for Wichita Ballet’s performances of the Nutcracker at Century II. I love seeing all my friends, and playing really fun, great music with them and hearing the audience applause. Even though I can’t see the ballet, it’s the best!

  42. Jackie Uhrmacher says

    Being with family and making tons of goodies. Since I’ve had my son, I’ve truly enjoyed baking for everyone. :)

  43. Scott Crawford says

    I am thankful to have some additional time off this holiday season to spend with my beautiful wife and my three young children. Family time is so important…especially during Christmas.