Walmart: School Uniforms on Sale with Free Shipping has school uniforms on sale with free shipping for some of the lowest prices I’ve seen.

Girls Polosicon are on sale for as low as $4.50 each (sold in packs of 2 or more). Girls Flat-Front Shortsicon are 2 for $14.00.

You can get the same deal on Boys Polos and Shortsicon.

School Uniforms with Free Shipping at Walmart.comicon

At these prices, you can easily outfit your back-to-schooler for around $60 for the warmer part of the year. It might be a good idea to go ahead and buy a few cool weather items now too. Long Sleeve Polosicon are as low as 3 for $18, and Uniform Pantsicon are 2 for $16.

iconBoys Flat-Front Shorts, 2-pack $14.00icon