PeiWei Coupon: BOGO Black Pepper Chicken

Pei Wei coupon: BOGO Black Pepper Chicken entreeYou’ll get to try the new Black Pepper Chicken for free when you buy another entree at regular price and use a new Pei Wei coupon. The BOGO offer is a promotion to introduce Pei Wei’s new dish, which is described as combining “coarse ground black pepper accented with a rich soy sauce wok tossed with fresh asparagus, tomatoes, green bell peppers and onion” and finished with aromatic Thai basil and cilantro.

The promo is available until February 15, 2013. You’ll need to go to, watch the video, and give them your email address. They say they’ll email your Pei Wei coupon within one business day.

Wichita has one Pei Wei restaurant:

2441 North Maize Rd. Suite 1501
Wichita, KS 67205

(316) 729-7285

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      • Carolyn says

        Don’t worry! I love to know when something isn’t working, because then I can fix it. And I don’t mind being totally transparent about mistakes. (It’s sometimes embarrassing, of course, but it keeps me on my toes, LOL. :) )

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