Kindle for Kids

Kindles for kids

Photo courtesy of National PTA

The National PTA has teamed up with Amazon for its new Family Reading Experience program, which is designed to promote parental involvement with their children’s reading.

Parental involvement and access to books has a greater impact on kids’ reading skills than household income, according to a recent report by Scholastic. National PTA will make the Family Reading Experience curriculum available for PTAs nationwide starting in March—National Reading Month. In certain low-income areas and at-risk schools, Amazon will donate Kindles for the PTA to distribute, and throughout 2013 the National PTA and Kindle will work together to encourage family involvement with their children’s reading.

Find the Top 100 paid and free ebooks for children at Amazon

Recently, Amazon added new parental controls to Kindles and a new app for Kindle Fire that offers kid-friendly content and allows parents to set screen time limits.

Kindle ereaders are priced as low as $69. (That version comes with “special offers” – aka advertising.) A basic Kindle without advertising is available for $89.

Readers can also download Kindle reading apps for tablets, smartphones, and other devices to access ebooks for children as well as other content. (Parental controls do not appear to be available in the current free Kindle reading apps.)


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